A letter from our founder

Some of you are very familiar with the face behind the brand but for those of you who aren't, I wanted to say hello and tell you about a bit about me, and the story behind ANULA.

 I'm Annie, the founder of ANULA.

I have always been obsessed with fashion, and the power that clothes have to make us feel confident and empowered. However I have no formal fashion experience or qualifications and after finishing university I entered the corporate world.

Upon entering this world I immediately struggled to find clothes that were appropriate, flattering and affordable yet high quality while also being considerate of the environment.

Was I asking for too much? Surely not...

I used to spend what felt like hours searching for things to wear that not only ticked (at least some of) the above list, but ultimately gave me confidence.

I realised that I wasn't the only one having this problem, and once I did some research I found that lots of other people were struggling with the same thing.

Then the pandemic hit, and I had more time to think about my goals and what it is I would like to do in the long term.
I decided to take a risk and ANULA was born.

My goal with ANULA is to focus on slow fashion, not trends and to provide high quality, timeless clothing that makes people feel incredible.

I can't wait to continue this journey with you all.

Annie xx